Transportation Types

Transportation Types

Transportation Types


Transport or transportation both are mainly same anything move from one place to other know as transport. While it Transportation may be humans, vehicles, animals, good they all count as transport. So transportation are of many ways like air, land or water so different categories of transport. All are important without them communication and relationship between country to country won’t be possible so every kind of transport are highly appreciable.

Transportation Types

There are mainly 3 types of transport:

  1. Road Transportation
  2. Air Transportation
  3. Water Transportation


Road Transporter


Most important and most popular all around the globe is road transportation. So road transport or road transportation is type of transportation used by roads it may travel goods, humans and many other things.

In many countries you must have driving license for safety rules and regulation otherwise they will penalty you. Road transport is mainly short distance transportation of goods or cargo from one place to other it also convince for passenger from one place to another. In short road transport is most beneficial travelling route of all time.

Air Transport


After road transport most economical for any state is air transportation. It is important for achieve economic growth and development of state so it largely depends as one the business for country.

Air transport facilitates integration into the global economy and provides vital connectivity on a national, regional, and international scale. One the basic advantage of air transport is promote tourism, trade and create employment opportunities for people.


water Transport

water transport is mainly less then road and air transportation. Because Water transport is process of transport of watercraft and ships. Ship transport is primarily used for the carriage of people and non-perishable goods, generally referred to as cargo.

Shipping transportation is way of moving people or goods from one place to other while most of people used it as black way of transport on negative way so water transportation is much riskier then road and air. That is why air and road transport are much higher ratio as compare to water.

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